Music & Songwriting

I’ve been writing songs since I was young, influenced by the jingles I heard on TV. At the time KTLA showed a lot of Gilligan’s Island. I replaced the lyrics with: Ice Cold Lemonade 20 cents a glass/Ice Cold Lemonade 20 cents a glass/You may think that’s expensive, expensive it may be/But 20 cents a glass, is 20 cents for me, is 20 cents for me.

Fast forward through years of high school choir, joining my first southern rock band at 17 as a backup singer, playing the lead roles in Hair and JC Superstar in college, producing my own jazz review show, it wasn’t until 1994 when I was in Costa Rica on a study abroad program where I began putting my own words to guitar.

In 1997 I had the opportunity to expand my musical experience by attending the Performing Songwriting Workshop facilitated by Jim Messina in Santa Barbara, CA. It was there, sitting next to a fire in a river stone hearth singing Beatles songs in 3-part harmony, Jimmy suggested that Delilah Poupore and I should sing together. We sang, wrote, toured and played together over the next 10 years, of which a couple years we toured with Jim Messina as an acoustic trio.

From 1997 to 2007, Delilah and I recorded and produced four albums of original music and we were lucky to work with many of Santa Barbara’s musical geniuses. Our music together can be found on nearly every digital musical outlet – search Antara & Delilah. (Links coming soon)

After having my daughter in 2010, I was determined to not let my music falter. I was supported and joined by my dear friend, the late great guitarist/songwriter Bill Lanphar, for many solo shows. In 2014 I joined with Heather Stevenson and Bill to form Telltale Signs Trio. Our one and only show before my family and I moved away, was recorded by Bill and is evidence of the beautiful music we wrote and sang together. When Bill die unexpectedly in the spring of ’19, we had been making plans to go into the studio to record. The SoundCloud link is below.

Today, my musical activity strikes without regularity, but I have managed to churn out some tunes and recordings on my own these past couple years and post them on my SoundCloud page. As we’re emerging from the pandemic (are we?) I hope to get out and play in front of an audience again. I also have a goal of recording an album and I’m looking for a well-suited producer/engineer.