AH Creative Services is based in Flagstaff, AZ and offers marketing, communications and development services across time and space.


I get it. You’ve done the hard work, honed your talent or business idea and now want to share it with others. I’ve had my own businesses and have held positions with companies and non-profits where clear strategizing, unabashed determination, and loads of creativity were keys to success.

I’m also a performing singer-songwriter, and way back when put out four CDs of original music with my music partner. People often asked me “how do you balance being a musician with doing everything else needed to market a business?” For me, it’s always been easy because creativity and marketing are derived from the same source – passion.

If you’re passionate about your vision I can help you succeed through clear, results-driven marketing strategies. Are you an artist with product ready to offer to the world? I can set up your online store and market your wares. Are you a non-profit in need of funding? Let me set up and run your crowdsourcing fundraiser or develop a stewardship program. Thinking of opening a business in Northern Arizona? Let me handle your branding and marketing. I offer these services and much more.

Our work together will start with a simple question, “where do you want to go?” I will create the map and be your sherpa to help you reach your summit. Contact me today and let’s get started!




Client Portfolio – The Wonder Factory

Here are some examples of my work with The Wonder Factory. Built and launched TWF website with functionality that included ability to accept donations, ability to become a member, event page interface/automation with google calendar, and ability to sign up to receive newsletter. Managed posts and engagement on TWF Facebook page. Designed promotional flyer.  Provided photography and designed …